Enzo And Cass Claims ROH ‘Ghosted’ Them After G1 Supercard

enzo amore and big cass

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

During an appearance on this week’s Talk is Jericho podcast alongside Enzo Amore/NZO, Big Cass/CazXL talked about the duo’s famous appearance during ROH’s G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden earlier this year. Enzo states that he received a callout from an unspecified party at Sinclair, and Enzo immediately got his tag partner involved.

Cass, who accepted the booking partially because he never got to work the Garden in WWE, states that he was able to talk with security at the arena and make their appearance look as realistic as possible. He also states that the security and talent in the ring weren’t smartened up to their appearance, but they assumed it was a part of the show.

After the PPV, Sinclair failed to follow up in any capacity with the duo. “We got ***** ghosted. I cut a shoot promo on the Briscoes a few weeks after because I was shoot hot.” Cass claims that it could have been a mugging because the wrestlers assumed they were trying to put themselves over. “We put our ******* lives on the line, we didn’t even get a god damned thank you”

As noted by CazXL, their segment left a mark, but ROH dropped the ball. “We trended over the WWE Hall of Fame, Brett Hart getting attacked, the G1 Supercard itself and the NCAA Final Four. And our segment wasn’t even broadcasted! I don’t understand how a few fans complaining on Twitter could cause someone to be like ‘nah, let’s not use them.'”

The full comments are in this week’s Talk is Jericho podcast, starting at about 45:00.

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