Darby Allin On Wanting To Represent Skateboard Culture, Who He Is Trying To Appeal To

Darby Allin says he’s not wrestling to bring old ideas back into the fold, he wants to appeal to the people that have never seen wrestling before.

During his media scrum at Starrcast IV in Baltimore, Allin spoke about representing skate culture and his ties to that community. Allin says he’s wrestling for the people that haven’t seen wrestling and noted how it’s a broader audience to appeal to.

“I don’t want to re-cycle wrestling back into wrestling. I dropped out of film school and I’ve been skating my whole life and I want to bring that world into wrestling. It connects because all of these douchebags like Jim Cornette say ‘oh, you’re killing wrestling! Stupid skateboard fuck…’—I’m not wrestling for you. I’m wrestling for the people that haven’t seen wrestling.” Allin said. “Tony Hawk, he retweeted the match that we had at All Out, the thumbtack skateboard spot. I’m trying to entertain the outsiders, I don’t care about re-cycling stuff in.”

Allin says his efforts are paying off and he wants people to take skating seriously, something that hasn’t always been there in the past.

“A lot of wrestlers don’t get skating, and a lot of skaters don’t get wrestling, but it’s definitely working out big time.” Allin said. “Everyone is getting hyped on it because you present skating for so long in wrestling as a joke, like Dynamic Dudes—those fuckers couldn’t skate. Everyone knew that and it’s just making it like a hokey, joke show. So I was like ‘you’ve got to present it for the real skater’ and that’s my job.”