Conrad Thompson Clarifies Report About Tony Khan Leaving Starrcast Event Early, Says ‘No Hard Feelings’ From Khan

Tony Khan left a Starrcast IV party early but it wasn’t due to being offended by an insult.

Earlier this week, Eric Bischoff recapped some of the events during Starrcast in Baltimore on his 83 Weeks podcast and spoke about his ‘almost’ meeting with All Elite Wrestling’s Tony Khan. Bischoff said Mark Madden had a roast segment at Tony Schiavone’s birthday party and joked about Khan about being a “money mark” and asked how many Executive Vice Presidents AEW had. Bischoff believed Khan took exception to the comments and explained that he got up and left, and said maybe telling the story (and Madden) ruined his chances of meeting Khan.

Last night, Conrad Thompson spoke out against the report and said the story isn’t completely accurate and explained why Khan really left. Thompson explained Khan stopped in for Tony’s party, but he had dinner reservations at the same venue in the downstairs dining room, something Eric didn’t know. He went on to say Tony ended up leaving after Scott Hudson’s speech, who went after Mark Madden, and he would know because he was at the same table as Khan, saying Eric was mistaken.