Brandi Rhodes Shoots Down Rumor She Bullied Kylie Rae Out Of AEW

Brandi Rhodes says she didn’t bully Kylie Rae out of All Elite Wrestling.

Rhodes commented on a rumor about Kylie Rae’s departure after a fan responded to her own post about Tony Khan’s “knockout” of Randy Orton during their Twitter battle last night. One unsubstantiated rumor that made its way online claimed Brandi had something to do with Kylie leaving the company. The fan said the bullying rumor was “what literally everyone seems to say in private” and AEW’s Chief Branding Officer quickly denounced that story and said that’s not the case.

No. If that were true “literally everyone” would be saying it in public.

Kylie Rae signed with AEW and competed at Double Or Nothing in May, but ended up leaving the company later in the summer. Kylie has not publicly spoken about or confirmed why she left the promotion, which has led to a number of unsubstantiated claims and baseless fan theories about her departure. Brandi’s comments about the matter are the first time someone from the company has commented publicly since Tony Khan first confirmed Kylie had left the promotion.

Khan updated Kylie’s status at the All Out media scrum, telling press Kylie requested her release and she was let out of her contract. Khan called her request a simple transition and said it was an “amicable” split, but did not elaborate any more on Kylie’s departure.

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