ROH Wrestling Results (11/16/19): Joe Hendry vs. Shane Taylor

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ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired November 16, 2019 

Report by Colin Tessier for

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The show opens with Shane Taylor’s time limit draw with Joe Hendry. The draw earned Hendry a chance to challenge Taylor for the ROH World Television Championship.

Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay welcome viewers and preview the show.

A video package recaps RUSH’s ROH World Championship defense against Jeff Cobb during ROH Honor United. RUSH rocks Cobb with a knee to the head and hits a Mexican destroyer. Cobb drops RUSH with a clothesline. The challenger spears RUSH, who floors him with a superkick. The champion nails Bull’s Horns twice for the win.

McKay and Riccaboni preview ROH Final Battle. A video package recaps Jonathan Gresham’s victory over Jay Briscoe and Jay Lethal’s vicious attack on Jay Briscoe at ROH Honor United. At the Newport ROH Honor United Event, Lethal explains he finally understands what Gresham has been trying to tell him: ROH’s current champions all do whatever they want, so he and Gresham will do the same thing. Lethal says he and Gresham want to level the playing field in Ring of Honor. He also wants the ROH World Tag Team Championship. At another ROH Honor United Event, Gresham attacks PCO with a chair during his match with Lethal, who joins in on the assault. The Briscoes brawl with Gresham and Lethal until security breaks it up.

Riccaboni and McKay recap recent happenings in the Women of Honor division, like Kelly Klein’s win over Angelina Love to regain the Women of Honor World Championship.

A video package recaps Klein’s defense of the championship during ROH Honor United against Mandy Leon, who attacks Klein from behind. A spear gets Klein a two count. The champion slams Leon off the top rope. Leon hits Klein with the Women of Honor World Championship and pins her to win the title. A referee runs to the ring and informs the match’s official of Leon’s actions. The decision is overturned and the match continues. Klein hits K-Power for the win.

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