IMPACT Wrestling Results (11/19/19)

Taya Valkyrie and John E. Bravo vs. Jordynne Grace

Valkyrie acts like she is going to start the match but she tags in Bravo as soon as the bell rings. Grace knocks Valkyrie off the apron. Grace sends Valkyrie out of the ring. Grace takes Bravo down with a suicide dive. Bravo holds Grace as Valkyrie chops her. Valkyrie and Bravo take turns splashing Grace in the corner. Grace boots Bravo in the face. Grace dropkicks Valkyrie. Valkyrie’s momentum causes her to DDT Bravo. Grace tosses Bravo around the ring. Grace crushes Bravo with a senton. Valkyrie grabs her championship and leaves. Grace punts Bravo’s stuffed dog into the crowd. Grace Vader Bombs Bravo for the win.

Winner- Jordynne Grace

RVD lets us know he won’t be there tonight because he partied too hard last night.

Backstage, Father James Mitchell convinces Suzie to get in his van… so… um… they can talk? Rosemary appears behind Mitchell. Rosemary says she knows what Mitchell is trying to. Mitchell wants to suppress Suzie’s true nature. Rosemary will not let this come to pass.


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