IMPACT Wrestling Results (11/19/19)

IMPACT Wrestling ResultsIMPACT Wrestling Results

November 19, 2019

Report By Lovell Porter for

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The Desi Hit Squad vs. The Rascalz vs. Reno Scum vs. The Deaners

The Rascalz unload on Thornstowe with kick after kick. Thornstowe tags in Luster, who suplexes Thornstowe onto Dez. Luster only gets a two count. Chokeslam buckle bomb by Luster. Thornstowe rubs Dez’s face in Luster’s armpit. Cody tags himself in. The Deaners double team Luster. The Desi Hit Squad works over Cody. Singh blasts Cody with an Ushigoroshi. Cody manages to make it to his corner to tag in Jake. Jake clears the ring. Raju tries a corner senton but Jake catches Raju and levels him with a powerbomb. Everyone breaks up the pin. Cody hits a suicide dive. Jake suplexes Thornstowe over the top rope onto everyone. Jake dives over the top rope taking out everyone outside the ring. Wentz does the same. Dez does a cartwheel handspring to the outside. So many dives. Dez and Wentz hit their finish on Jake for the win.

Winners- The Rascalz

After the match, Reno Scum attacks Dez and Wentz. Trey makes the save. Ace Austin runs down to the ring and hits Trey in the head with the belt. Austin sticks a metal plate in his wrist brace. Austin back fists Trey. Trey’s mother is in the crowd visibly upset.

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