WWE RAW Results (11/18/19)

Backstage, AOP attacks Ryder and Hawkins during an interview segment.

In-Ring Segment: The OC

Styles says he would love to defend the US Title against Humberto Carrillo but Carrillo disrespected him last week. Anderson is going to take Styles place against Carrillo tonight.

Karl Anderson w/The OC vs. Humberto Carrillo

Carrillo walks the rope and arm drags Anderson. Springboard headbutt by Carrillo. Carrillo sets up his moonsault but Styles and Gallows pull Anderson out of the ring. The Street Profits walk out on the stage. Carrillo hits a dive that takes out the entire OC. After the break, Styles tries to cheat to help Anderson win. Anderson small packages Carrillo. Ford pushes the pile to reverse the pin while the referee is distracted. Carrillo gets the three count.

Winner- Humberto Carrillo

Bobby Lashley w/Lana vs. No Way Jose

Before the match, Lana says she filed for divorce this morning. Lana also filed a restraining order. Rusev must say 90 feet away from Lana at all times.

Lashley makes Jose pass out.

Winner- Bobby Lashley

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