ACH Addresses Not Being Legally Clear Of WWE, Mental Health Rumors, Jay Lethal During Live Q&A

Photo Credit: Inspire Pro Wrestling

ACH held a live Q&A session on Twitter earlier today, talking about everything that has gone down since he publically quit WWE over a racist T-shirt. When asked about where he wants to perform, he states that he just wants to go anywhere he can showcase his ability and his talent. However, that doesn’t seem to involve signing another contract, so places like AEW are out. “I just left a place, why would I wanna sign with another place?” He does state that he’d rather go compete in New Japan Pro Wrestling, as there would be more to accomplish there.

Of course, none of that matters in the short term, as ACH is still under a WWE contract, saying “legally, no. Mentally, yes,” when asked if he was legally clear from WWE.

The wrestler also states he’s in a much better mental state since his walkout. He addressed the mental health rumors since he started speaking out and said he does suffer with anxiety and depression and “I can have bad mood swings sometimes, but that doesn’t mean when I speak out it doesn’t have any meaning behind it.”

He went on to say the t-shirt design triggered some past issues and it all came out at once, and that’s why he went at people like he did. ACH said he still stands behind what he said, adding “I’m not gonna apologize for what I said. What I said, I meant it.”

ACH doubled down on calling the Jordan Myles shirt “completely racist” during the stream, asking “If that was their image of me, what does that say about the African American kids that watch?”

He also addressed calling out Jay Lethal and referring to him as an “Uncle Tom” and said he’s glad everything is out there now, but he won’t disclose the story that led to the insult. ACH says there might be a beef between them, but it’s not on his end and if people want to know the story they can ask around, but he doesn’t want to “throw more salt” on Lethal’s name.

For more, including some talk on the belts he’d love to hold one day and some cities he’d like to re-visit, you can check out the full half-hour stream archive embedded below:

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