WWE Backstage Questions If The Rusev, Lana & Bobby Lashley Angle Should Be Dropped

CM Punk may have swept up all the wrestling headlines last night, but WWE Backstagemade some waves of their own regarding one of WWE’s current top storylines.

Renee Young presents the question if doing an angle like the ongoing saga with Rusev, Bobby Lashley and Lana stifles the effort of “The Women’s Revolution” going on in WWE and all three other analysts give their opinion. At the end of the segment, it was pretty straight across the board that all three think the angle should be dropped and moved on from.

“The question is is this something the WWE Universe wants in 2019?” asked Booker T.

Samoa Joe gave his thoughts on the matter, questioning what the end game to it all will exactly be. “Here’s the thing for me, I’m having a hard time seeing who comes out on top after this is all said and done,” he said. “Who’s looking good after it’s all said and done. I’m really really having a hard time trying to find that the path to what the big payoff is and it’s gonna be interesting to see how they navigate this because this can be very precarious very quickly.”

Paige then joked about the whole angle climaxing with a “Lana On A Pole” match. Renee then flat-out asked if the angle should “rest in peace” and all three seemed in universal agreement on the matter.

The full video is below.

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