Bully Ray On How MJF’s Turn On Cody Could’ve Been Better, Why His Scarf Should’ve Been Used

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Bully Ray liked MJF’s turn on Cody Rhodes at AEW Full Gear, but he still doesn’t think it lived up to its full potential.

“What MJF should have done is thrown in his scarf,” said Bully Ray. “Because the scarf could have been symbolic of the towel. You could have seen him get on the apron, look at the referee, and throw in the scarf. The referee could have looked at the scarf as if that was the throwing in the towel. That would have been very symbolic.”

Bully Ray understands what they were trying to do, though, but believes it could have been a legendary moment. “After he turned on Cody, what I would have done if I was MJF was take his scarf and I would have blotted the face of Cody Rhodes. I would have gotten all of Cody’s blood on that scarf and that’s the scarf I would wear from now until the end of the day. That scarf could have been his Shroud of Turin, the shroud that Jesus’ blood was on, that could have represented with that scarf. To AEW fans, Cody walks on water, he is to AEW what Dusty was to the NWA … that is the moment in time that would have lived forever.”

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