Friday Night SmackDown Results (11/15/19)

Firefly Funhouse

Wyatt turns into a magician and turns the Universal Championship blue. Wyatt says he is going to watch Daniel Bryan tonight on his favorite show, Miz TV. “He” will be watching too.

In-Ring Segment: The B-Team and Drew Gulak

Braun Strowman stomps down to the ring. Gulak shows Strowman what would happen if Gulak replaced him on Team SmackDown. Gulak waves his finger in Strowman’s face. Strowman tries to break Gulak’s hand. The B-Team attacks Strowman. Strowman destroys the B-Team as Gulak watches from outside of the ring.

Backstage, Kofi Kingston says they won the tag titles in honor of Xavier Woods and they are going to defend them for Woods as well.

Backstage, Sami Zayn and Nakamura stop Daniel Bryan. Zayn says if the Fiend is watching Bryan, Zayn needs an answer from Bryan now. Bryan says no to Zayn. Bryan says he does need help. Bryan tells Zayn they should talk to Strowman. Zayn says Strowman is just a big goof. Strowman appears behind Zayn. Zayn begs off. Nakamura stares a hole through Strowman.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day (c) vs. The Revival

Dawson and Wilder double team Kingston. Dawson tries a superplex. Kingston pushes Dawson off the top. Kingston hits a dropkick off the top. Before Kingston can tag out, Wilder powerslams him. After the break, The Revival takes turns working over Kingston. Kingston manages to tag in Big E. Big E. suplexes Wilder all over the ring. Big E. tries a splash but Wilder gets his knees up. Dawson tags in and runs right into a uranage. Dawson kicks out. Wilder cuts off Big E. while he was attempting an apron spear with a tornado DDT.

Wilder tries to electric chair Big E. but he can’t get Big E. up. Big E. and Wilder clothesline each other at the same time. Kingston tags in. Kingston lands the falling star splash to the outside. Dawson DDTs Big E. for a near fall. Big E. launches Kingston over the top onto Dawson and Wilder but Dawson and Wilder catch Kingston in midair. The Revival sends Kingston into the ring post. The Revival suplex Big E. on the announce desk. The Revival hit the Shatter Machine on Big E. Kingston dives off the top to break up the pin. The Undisputed Era attacks Kingston to cause a DQ.

Winners- The New Day

After the match, The UE leaves everyone laying. The SmackDown locker room empties to chase The UE off.

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