Cedric Alexander Responds To Meltzer’s Comments That Vince McMahon Wanted Him “Buried”

Cedric Alexander

Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images

Earlier this summer, Cedric Alexander seemed destined to be one of the next stars on WWE Monday Night RAW. Since then, Alexander hasn’t been as prominent on the red brand, which has led to speculation why he’s fallen on hard times. In September, on the Wrestling Observer radio,  Dave Meltzer commented that Vince McMahon wanted Alexander to be “buried” on RAW. Now, according to Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, Alexander is denying those claims.

“A loss isn’t a burial,” wrote Alexander. “It’s AJ Styles, how can that be a burial?” Alexander also said he appreciated the opportunity to work with Styles in the first place. “It was great matches, I got to show a lot of my personality and my in-ring style,” wrote Alexander.

Plus, Alexander said he enjoys working with Paul Heyman, the executive director of RAW. “Working with Paul Heyman has been a dream come true and something that I never really thought would happen,” wrote Alexander. “Talking to him and picking his brain has helped me tremendously.”