Marko Stunt On Tuning Out Negativity, The Changing Dynamic Of Jurassic Express

As part of Jurassic Express, Marko Stunt has become one of the most unique stars in All Elite Wrestling. At a medium scrum Starrcast, he discussed several topics, including his time with AEW so far.

On tuning out negativity:

Stunt: “I’ve had a lot of negative people and that’s fine. And they’re always gonna be there. And I generally take a lot of negative critiques to the heart and I’ve had a lot of good, reputable people encouraging me, telling me I’m on the right track and that I’m doing good and stuff. And so I’m gonna listen to them. I’m where I am today by doing exactly what I’ve been doing, you know. And of course I’m in a new environment and I’m gonna get to learn more. And I feel like, really, I can only change the game even more going forward.”

On using the Freebird Rule:

Stunt: “I would love to incorporate that rule if, and when, we get that opportunity to take those titles for our own. I would love to be able to share that amongst the group because obviously there’s only gonna be tweo people in the ring. Obviously those two people are gonna win the belts but we’re a trio.”

The full video is available here:

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