Chris Jericho Retains, MJF Turns On Cody After Throwing In The Towel

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

The highly anticipated match between Cody and Chris Jericho for the AEW Championship at Full Gear has finally come to an end. There were 3 judges in place for the match just in case it reached the 60 minute time limit. Those judges were The Great Muta, Arn Anderson and Dean Malenko.

Cody was accompanied to the ring by MJF and Chris Jericho was aided by Jake Hager. Early on in the match Cody was busted open and was looked at by the medical staff but ultimately decided to continue on.

The action was back and forth after this with numerous close pinfalls. Eventually, Cody locked in the figure four but Hager shoved him and was thrown out of ringside. Hager attacked MJF on the way out. Jericho hit Cody with the AEW Title but Cody kicked out which led to him hitting his finisher. Another kick out led to the crowd starting a “This is awesome” chant.

Jericho began whipping Cody with a belt but the referee did not DQ the match and instead just took the belt away. Jericho locked in a Lion Tamer and stomped on Cody’s head a few times which led to MJF throwing a white towel into the thing. The referee then stopped the match and awarded the win to Jericho.

After the match, MJF tried explaining himself to Cody who seemed very upset. MJF then ended up turning on Cody.

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