Santana & Ortiz Defeat The Young Bucks, Rock ‘n Roll Express Get Revenge

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

The opening match of AEW Full Gear saw The Young Bucks taking on Proud & Powerful (Santana & Ortiz). During the match, Santana & Ortiz began insulting the Rock N Roll Express who were watching the match ringside.

Take a look at the end of match summary below:

Ortiz dives over the top onto Matt. Santana gets a near fall on Nick in the ring. Nick counters PnP’s Street Sweeper into a powerslam on Santana off of Ortiz’s shoulders. Ortiz gets super kicked as he is bitting the middle rope (yes, you read that correctly). Santana springboard right into a superkick party. Nick and Matt set up the Meltzer Driver. Nick’s leg gives out as he tries to springboard. PnP double superkick Matt. Nick tags himself in. Santana slaps Nick. Nick spits his gum out at Santana. Santana picks up the gum and eats it. Nick fires up and lands a few strikes. Ortiz and Santana hit the Street Sweeper on Nick for the win!

The Rock N Roll Express got involved after the match and finally got some revenge on Santana & Ortiz. Look at the Canadian Destroyer that was delivered below.

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