AEW Full Gear Results (11/9/19)

AEW Full Gear ResultsAEW Full Gear Results 

November 9, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for

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The Buy-In

Bea Priestley vs. Britt Baker

Baker takes off her robe and power walks to the ring. Priestley rolls out of the ring. As soon as the bell rings Baker is all over Priestley. Priestley escapes under the ropes. Priestley sends Baker into the ropes. Baker responds with a Thez press. Hammer fist by Baker. Baker almost puts Priestley in the Lockjaw. Priestley escapes and stomps on Baker’s head. Priestley and Baker trade punches. A double clothesline leaves both women down. Priestley gets to her feet first. Baker lands the sling blade. Swinging fisherman’s neck breaker by Baker. Priestley kicks out. Priestley goes up top. Baker cuts Priestley off. Superplex by Baker.

Baker tries to hold on but her back gives out. Cutter but Baker. Priestley kicks out and rolls Baker into a crucifix. Baker kicks out. Priestley dodges a lariat and hits a German suplex. DND by Priestley. Baker kicks out again. Priestley puts Baker in a modified crossface. Baker manages to get to the ropes. Baker rolls out to the apron. Priestley dives off the top and double stomps Baker’s back. Priestley only gets a two count. Priestley tries the Queen’s Landing. Baker escapes and lands a ripcord roaring elbow. Baker blasts Priestley with the Panama Sunrise. Priestley kicks out. Baker puts Priestley in Lockjaw. Priestley taps out.

Winner- Britt Baker

After the match, the lights go out. When they come back on Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong are standing on the stage. Kong hits the ring and hits Priestley with a spinning back fist. Kong hands Brandi a knife. Awesome Kong drops Priestley with a butterfly facebuster. Brandi holds Priestley’s hair as Kong cuts it. Kong adds the lock of hair to her belt.

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