Adam Cole and Rhea Ripley Talk NXT’s Last-Minute SmackDown Invasion

Rhea Ripley

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

The WWE Performance Center YouTube account caught up with several NXT talents involved with the ongoing NXT TakeOver happening throughout the main roster this past week. While all signs point to the angle starting early due to Friday’s travel complications, it makes for a hell of a story.

Adam Cole talked about how this week has been “one of the craziest” he’s had throughout his life. “We get there, we’re waiting, the plane takes off a little later than we would have wanted.” The plane ended up touching down around 7:40 PM, meaning they had about 20 minutes to head over to the arena. “By the time we get there, it’s 8:10, 8:15. I have a main event match defending my NXT Championship. Very little time to prepare.”

Rhea Ripley talked about arriving at the airport in her tracksuit when others were wearing business clothes. “I had to do my makeup on the plane. I had my little mirror, trying to do my makeup that I’m already bad at doing. Good thing there wasn’t turbulence or I would have gone out there looking like a clown.”

The video also features words from various NXT talent, including Mia Yim, Robert Stone, and Jordan Omogbehin. You can see the full video in the embed below: