Full Gear Media Call Highlights: Cody Talks Visa Issues, Ranking System, Title Match

During a media call, early this morning, AEW Executive VP and Full Gear main eventer Cody spoke about everything AEW. Subjects ranged from his world title match with Le Champion Chris Jericho to how AEW is evolving over time now that it’s a weekly TV experience.

When asked about his title match, he says that winning the belt would be the “pinnacle of his career.” Losing the match would certainly be monumental as well since he’s promised to never challenge for AEW’s top prize again if Jericho can overcome his challenge.

Cody also says that he learned a lot from his time in WWE despite what some might say. He states that the current head of production Keith Mitchell brings “grit and spontaneity” to the show, and he likes that. AEW is a family, and that includes Keith and all the production personnel.

When asked about a “midcard” belt, Cody is quick to shoot down that term, but he does say that something is coming. He wants to ensure that Women’s and Tag divisions are in a good place before introducing yet another belt. He also mentions that there will be a Top 5 rankings system in place starting this week based on the company’s focus on wins and losses.

Cody also mentioned that it’s been hard to bring in as much foreign talent as he’d like, mostly due to visa issues stemming from the current political climate. This would explain why we haven’t seen as many stars from AEW’s foreign partners.

Cody also talked about the judges for the AEW title match, the lessons he’s learned in his career and plenty more. Expect further coverage about all things All Gear and Starrcast all over WrestleZone this weekend!

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