Bray Wyatt Proclaims Himself ‘Ruler Of The Universe’ On WWE Backstage

For those of you who didn’t watch WWE Backstage this week (and chances are, you didn’t), WWE on Fox has posted Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse segment from the show. The new Universal Champion shows off his rendition of the big red belt, complete with Fiend side plates.

During the appearance, Bray also offers an introduction to people who may not be familiar with his Funhouse antics from RAW. This description comes complete with clip art, sound effects, and animated GIFs from the Wyatt Gym. Bray promises that he’ll be on hand at SmackDown to let everyone know that there’s a new “ruler of the universe.” Will we get a hint on who could be the next competitor to go after the championship? Only time will tell.

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