WWE NXT Results (11/6/19)

WWE NXT Results

November 6, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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As the show begins, The OC attacks The Undisputed Era in the parking lot.

In-Ring Segment: The OC

Styles says they are taking over NXT tonight. Tommaso Ciampa walks out on the ramp and welcomes The OC to the “main roster”. Ciampa doesn’t care if  The OC wants to come to NXT and beat up the UE, that’s fine. but if they think that can stand in the ring and take over, Ciampa has a problem with that. Styles says he’s impressed that Ciampa is out here and he must be the only person in the NXT locker room with balls. Ciampa says he isn’t alone. Keith Lee and Matt Riddle join Ciampa on the stage. Ciampa challenges The OC to a match tonight. Styles accepts.

Damian Priest vs. Pete Dunne

Dunne immediately attempts the Bitter End. Priest avoids and tries his finish as well. Dunne avoids that. Dunne ends up outside the ring. Dunne traps Priest in a rope hang armbar. Dunne has to release the hold since they are in the ropes. During the break, Priest takes control of the match. Priest puts the boots to Dunne. Dunne wraps his legs around Priest and attempts a double wrist lock. Priest escapes but Dunne hits the x-plex. Dunne missile dropkicks Priest in the knee. Priest German suplexes Dunne but Dunne lands on his feet. Dunne kicks Priest in the head. Priest rolls to the outside. Dunne takes Priest out with a triangle moonsault to the outside. Priest chokeslams Dunne on the apron.

Priest sends Dunne into the ring. Priest dives off the top but Dunne catches him with a punch to the gut. Sit-out powerbomb by Dunne. Priest kicks out. Dunne stomps on Priest’s hands. Priest escapes the Bitter End. Priest kicks Dunne in the head. Priest lands a skywalker senton to the outside. After the break, Dunne and Priest trade strikes. Dunne tries to backflip off the top rope but Priest grabs Dunne and hits a Razor’s Edge. Dunne manages to get his hands on Priest’s digits. Priest tries to low blow Dunne but Dunne low blows him as the referee is distracted. Dunne puts Priest in a cross arm breaker. Dunne snaps Priest’s fingers. Priest taps out immediately.

Winner- Pete Dunne

After the match, Killian Dain attacks Dunne. Priest and Dain get into it because Priest wants to beat up Dunne. Dain headbutts Priest. Priest falls out of the ring. Dain hits a Vader Bomb on Dunne. Dain tries to leave but Priest attacks him from behind. Dain ends up destroying Priest with a senton into the ring steps.

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