IMPACT Wrestling Results (11/5/19)

Michael Elgin vs. Fallah Bahh

Elgin tries to run over Bahh but Bahh tells Elgin “no, no, no!” Bahh unloads on Elgin with rights and lefts. Elgin tries a leapfrog but Bahh catches Elgin with a kick to the chest. Corkscrew diving headbutt by Bahh. Elgin surprises Bahh with a dropkick. Elgin sends Bahh to the outside. Wrecking ball dropkick by Elgin. Elgin and Bahh trade chops. Elgin suplexes Bahh. Elgin tries to lift Bahh, but Bahh just sits on him. Elgin kicks out. Elgin German suplexes Bahh. Bahh kicks out. Elgin suplexes Bahh off the top rope. Bahh fires up. Elgin hits Bahh with a DVD. Bahh pops back up to his feet. Bahh Samoan drops Elgin. Elgin crawls into the corner. Bahh flattens Elgin with a running hip attack. Bahh hits Greetings From Asbury Park. Elgin kicks out. Elgin rolls Bahh into the crossface. Bahh taps out.

Winner- Michael Elgin

Backstage, Alisha tells Austin that they should skip dinner. Alisha wants Austin to meet her in her hotel room.

Backstage, Ethan Page defends Josh Alexander’s loss to Marufuji. Page challenges Marufuji to get a partner and face The North for the tag titles next week.

Ken Shamrock vs. Joey Ryan

Ryan oils up after the bell rings. Shamrock looks disgusted. Ryan offers to shake Shamrock’s hand. Shamrock gives Ryan a high-five. Shamrock arm drags Ryan. Shamrock gets a near fall after a sunset flip. Ryan lands a high angle dropkick. Shamrock pops up to his feet. Shamrock looks shocked. Shamrock tries to grab Ryan’s hand. Ryan makes Shamrock touch it. Ryan dick flips Shamrock, who is clutching at his hand as if it was on fire. Shamrock snaps and clotheslines Ryan. Shamrock puts Ryan in the ankle lock. Ryan taps out.

Winner- Ken Shamrock


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