Identity of Vikings Raiders’ Opponents On RAW, Why Natalya Is On Cloud Nine

Identity of Vikings Raiders’ Opponents On RAW

On WWE Monday Night RAW this week, the WWE RAW Tag Team Champions the Viking Raiders easily defeated the East Hampton Polo Boys. The Polo Boys were Bobby Wayward and Nikos Rikos from WrestlePro. Wayward and Rikos were both trained by Pat Buck. Nikoas has worked for WrestlePro since 2014 while Wayward has worked for the company since 2012.

Why Natalya Is On Cloud Nine

Last week, Natalya made history at WWE Crown Jewel. This week, she made WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Asuka tap out on WWE Monday Night RAW. In a WWE Exclusive, Natalya discussed her recent success. “It was really life-changing,” said Natalya. “To able to take the momentum that we had in Saudi Arabia, not just myself but what the entire world gave to me and being on that journey where we changed a piece of history, to be able to take that momentum and to bring it to RAW tonight, like I said, I’m on cloud nine and I don’t plan on leaving it.”

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