Social Roundup: Rollins To ‘Address His Future’ On RAW, Cody’s New Shirt Makes You Say ‘Uhh’

Seth Rollins announced this morning on Twitter that he’ll be “addressing his future” on Monday Night RAW tonight. With Bray Wyatt making his home on SmackDown, Seth has no chance to go after the title he just lost. Dropping reference to that Crown Jewel main event, we’ll see just what Seth plans to do next in WWE.

On the other side of the Wednesday Night War, AEW Dark is set to feature Mercedes Martinez and Big Swole teaming up against Sadie Gibbs and Allie. All four women have been pretty much Dark-exclusive in the Dynamite era, so all eyes are set to see who will break out onto the main stage first.

One of the best parts of wrestling Twitter is getting to see stars of the past react to throwback moments in a modern context. In this tweet, Trish Stratus reveals a bit of embarrassment at her old bombshell WWF character, complete with a #tomboyat heart to top it off.

AEW has two new shirts. One, Darby Allin’s new finisher-inspired Coffin Drop shirt, is something that someone might wear. A coffin-themed skateboard is a pretty cool thing to have after all, and Darby has proven himself as one of the most popular members of AEW’s roster. The other…

Based on a running joke out of Being The Elite, Cody’s new shirt is a classic rap cover brought to life in all its ridiculous over the top glory. I don’t think I personally could wear this shirt without getting beat up in a street alley, but it’s certainly a wonderful image.

Cody himself is still getting over the sheer audacity of his new merch.

Bill Apter recently shared his interview with WWE interviewer Sarah Schreiber at Legends of the Ring: