Peter Avalon On How He Became “The Librarian”, Learning From Roddy Piper And More

“The Librarian” Peter Avalon recently appeared on Talk Is Jericho. He discussed his career, learning from Roddy Piper, how he landed with All Elite Wrestling and more.

On how he became “the Librarian” for All Elite Wrestling:

Avalon: “Well, the Young Bucks were in the library, reading their book to a series of kindergartners. I came up and told them that they had to stop throwing kicks at other librarians. Then we just started connecting, we stayed connected. They stopped superkicking my additional librarians and we just stayed connected and here I am.”

On any issues he may have with Leva Bates:

Avalon: “Issues at first. I find her very interesting, she’s very intellectual and I just can’t keep my eyes off of her. It’s great, we usually will work opposite shifts, I will open, she will close. I will close, she will open. It depends. We’ll see each other in crossing and I can’t look away and she’s great at her job.”

On learning from “Rowdy” Roddy Piper:

Avalon: “He wanted to find a ring to roll around and he taught me and this other guy, nothing too physical, it was all just how to work a room with just your energy, and just like your eyes, and really setting a tone right away coming into a room with just your person. And that experience, to me, really changed the way I thought about wrestling.”

The full episode is available here:

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