Jacob Fatu Retains MLW Heavyweight Title In No DQ Match Against LA Park

In a chaotic finish to the end of MLW Superfight, Jacob Fatu retained his MLW Heavyweight Championship in a brutal no disqualification match against LA Park. In a match that saw both superstars going all out in their efforts to win, it came down to a wild finish to close out MLW Superfight.

Late in the match, Salina de la Renta jumped into the ring and slapped Josef Samael, who had also stepped into the ring to interfere with the match. As Salina and Samael argued, LA Park attempted a spear, but Samael evaded fast enough that Park ended up putting Salina through the table. After that, Fatu landed a devastating superkick to Park, and came away with the win after a follow up Samoan drop moonsault.



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