NWA Issues Statement On Controversial Remarks By Jim Cornette

The National Wrestling Alliance has issued the following statement on behalf of company Vice President David Lagana to address some recent remarks made by Jim Cornette. The statement notes the promotion has dealt with Cornette internally, but he will remain on as color commentator for their new show NWA Powerrr. 

Over the last few days, a situation was brought to our attention in regard to comments made by Jim Cornette that have been taken as making light on the subject of suicide.

We’ve addressed the situation internally with Mr. Cornette and made it clear that any comments in regards to this subject, joking or serious, are not endorsed by Lightning One and the National Wrestling Alliance.

Mr. Cornette understands the seriousness of this situation and with that he will remain the color commentator for NWA Powerrr.

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention are very important to the NWA President Billy Corgan and myself. If you’re ever needing help or need to speak with someone: The National Suicide Prevention Life Line is 1-800-273-8255 or online at https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org


David Lagana

VP / Lightning One & National Wrestling Alliance.

A recent quote attributed to Cornette recently made rounds online, where he allegedly told a ring announcer (PROGRESS’ Jim Smallman) to kill himself for not wearing a bow tie for his ring duties. Cornette recently made a new post to address those remarks, clarifying that he was misquoted with the following post, a reply to PROGRESS Executive Producer Glen Joseph:

Good, write it down & shove it up your ass so it’s always close to you. You & the disheveled-looking hobo bum ring announcer are the most sensitive butthurt people I’ve ever seen. And the quote was “He should be hung in the parking lot for dressing that way.” Get it straight.