Hulk Hogan Wants To Get His Hands On Ric Flair ‘One More Time’

Hulk Hogan will see his team take on a squad led by Ric Flair at WWE Crown Jewel and their feud is very personal.

“I figured it would never end,” said Hogan of his rivalry with Flair. “Flair’s real good at running his mouth. Look at the record books, he’s never beaten me … he doesn’t understand that I feel like a kid again. The fans are so excited, there’s so much energy here. I feel like Hulkamania has been reborn.”

Does that mean we’ll see Hogan in the ring tomorrow? “I’ve got the green light from the Hulkamaniacs that if he gets too crazy, I’ve been saving my energy. I’d love to get my hands on Ric Flair one more time.”

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