IMPACT Wrestling Results (10/29/19)

Backstage, The Rascalz argue about Trey never inviting them over his house to meet his mom. Fallah Bahh joins them. Trey wants to know if Bahh can say something other than just Bahh. After a smoke session, Bahh says he isn’t being true to himself and she should have helped TJ. Bahh says he is going to do the right thing.

Rosemary, Jordyanne Grace, and Alexia Nicole vs. Keira Hogan, Madison Rayne, and Taya Valkyrie

Rosemary and Grace splash Valkyrie and Rayne in opposite corners. After the break, Rosemary brings Rayne in the ring the hard way. Corner splash followed by an exploder suplex by Rosemary. Rosemary rains down rights and lefts. Nicole tags in and eats a boot from Valkyrie. The heels take turns working over Nicole. Hogan hits a ranna but lands awkwardly on the mat. Hogan seems to have injured her shoulder. Hogan pokes Nicole in the eye. Hogan tags in Valkyrie. Valkyrie tries to tag out but Rayne drops off the apron. Grace pins Valkyrie with a small package.

Winners- Rosemary, Jordyanne Grace, and Alexia Nicole

In the Grotto, RVD says everyone copies his movies. Without RVD, there would be no Kenny Omega or Daniel Bryan. RVD says he is tired of carrying Rhyno.

The Desi Hit Squad vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack

Mack and Swann get the win after a crucifix neck breaker.

Winners- Rich Swann and Willie Mack

Backstage, Rhyno says he is going to rip RVD in half.

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