Titus O’Neil Agrees That WWE Shirt Was Distasteful, Says Jordan Myles Shouldn’t Bring Others Into It

Veteran WWE superstar Titus O’Neil has weighed in on the Jordan Myles shirt controversy. O’Neil agrees with Myles in that his original shirt design, which was reminiscent of blackface, was “distasteful.” However, he’s not a fan of how Myles has brought people not involved in the situation up while venting, such as when he called Jay Lethal an “uncle Tom” in a now-deleted tweet. O’Neil stated that “if it’s for the culture, don’t attack those in it!”

Myles responded to the backlash by saying, “Why should I apologize for being honest? Why should I not voice my opinion and state the facts about the state of the business. I’m proud to be a professional wrestler and I’m even more proud to be a African American. Stand with me and stand behind me.”