Jordan Myles Says WWE Employee Lied To Him About Shirt Design, Calls Out ROH And Jay Lethal

Jordan Myles took to social media after WWE gave a statement after their ongoing controversy swirling around the t-shirt they designed for the young wrestler. Myles had plenty to share about the situation and a lot to say about his former company, Ring Of Honor.

Myles responded to a fan on Twitter who asked for his thoughts on WWE’s official statement and had the following to say:

When I originally saw the design I was uncomfortable. Rather than addressing the issue I decided to counter offer with another. Baker Landon lied to my face! He said HHH wanted this design so my hands were tied. I spoke with @TripleH in person and his impression was I approved

Jordan then Tweeted a screen shot of an alleged email response that was sent to him between he and an employee named Baker Landon. In the email, Landon states that Triple H attended a meeting regarding a revision for the logo, but Hunter apparently loved it for Myle’s character, saying he wanted it to be more “teethy.”

Myles also shared his thoughts on the WWE’s decision to bring Hulk Hogan back, after it was caught on a 2006 video of the WWE Hall Of Famer making his racist remarks back in 2006.

“THE WHOLE WWE SYSTEM IS FRAUD! THEY CREATED THIS SYSTEM WHERE YOU CANT TRUST ANYONE, YOU GROW COLD, AND YOU GROW APART FROM WHAT YOU LOVE THE MOST! The fact that @HulkHogan is still employed after giving the locker room an apology for being caught says enough. #ForTheCulture”

Myles then went on the attack of Ring Of Honor, stating that the promotion only intended to push one African American wrestler during his tenure, and that was Jay Lethal. (This Tweet has since been deleted).

“Fuck ROH TOO!

The only allowed ONE African American to be the “Top Guy” while guys like @CedricAlexander TD, @Malcolmvelli and myself had to chase this visible carrot a stick.

Name another African American who was reached great heights there other than this Uncle Tom:

— Jordan Myles (@GoGoMyles) October 28, 2019

In another Tweet which has also been removed, Jordan shared a brief video of a caption sharing his opinion on WWE, saying that the company doesn’t care about black people before flipping a middle finger to the camera.

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