Friday Night SmackDown Results (10/25/19)

Lacey Evans vs. Cameron Conners

Evans grabs a mic and says she won’t lower herself to face Conners. Evans says she is just going to leave. Evans tells the referee to ring the bell. Evans leaves the ring and prances around the ring waving at the crowd. Conners turns her back. Evans runs back into the ring and obliterates Conners with the Women’s Right for the win.

Winner- Lacey Evans

Backstage, Nikki Cross says she is going to take the title from Bayley. Tonight, she is going to go through Mandy Rose.

Firefly Funhouse

The Funhouse has been rebuilt. Wyatt and Co are having a funeral for Rambling Rabbit. Rambling didn’t survive Seth Rollins’ arson attempt. Wyatt pulls whats left of Rambling out of the mini casket. Wyatt tells Rambling that he loves him. Rambling is resurrected. Rambling says it was hot where he just was and there was an angry man there. Mercy the Buzzard eats Rambling.

Drew Gulak vs.Kalisto

Gulak grabs a mic and says he is going to finish his powerpoint presentation from last week. Kalisto dropkicks Gulak to get the match started. Gulak is distracted by Braun Strowman powerwalking to the ring. Kalisto hits his finish on Gulak for the win.

Winner- Kalisto

Strowman powerslams Gulak twice. Strowman says this is what happens when he is disrespected. At least Gulak deserves to be in the ring. At Crown Jewel Strowman is going to send Tyson Fury back to where he belongs.

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