Riho On Balancing Time Between AEW & Japan, Becoming The First AEW Women’s Champion

The inaugural AEW Women’s Champion Riho recently spoke to Sportskeeda about becoming the inaugural champion, managing between American and Japanese commitments, and more. Some highlights can be seen below:

Riho On How It Feels To Be AEW Women’s Champion:

“It feels incredible but it has not sunk in yet. Just a while ago, I was wrestling in front of 60 people. And now, I’m competing in front of the world! It’s almost impossible to comprehend.”

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Riho On Balancing AEW & Japanese Commitments:

“Right now, I’m wrestling both in Japan and AEW, but if AEW gives me a date then that takes precedence.”

Riho On The Positive Vibe In AEW:

“Everyone was very excited and happy for me when I came backstage. The atmosphere was like ‘WHOA!’ (Laughs) Everybody congratulated me and said good things about my match with Nyla Rose. It was very special. People were very helpful and nice backstage.