Social Roundup: Skunk Halts Seth Rollins’ Media Day, Edge On CW’s The Flash

Skunk Halts Seth Rollins’ Media Day

It was a bad day for both a skunk and Seth Rollins, as a freak mishap caused Seth to cancel his plans to appear on the Busted Open podcast. As described by Rollins, a plane hit said skunk on the runway, causing a smell so strong that the pilot took the plane back to the gate. Seth ultimately had to cancel his plans due to flight heading off track.

Unfortunately, the skunk died before anyone could determine why it was on the runway, although prevailing theories suggest it could have seen a picture of Seth Rollins from his NXT days and assumed they were related.

Angel Garza and Arturo Ruas Visit NXT Superfans

NXTUnited is the group of NXT superfans who frequent NXT tapings across Florida from Full Sail to Ft. Pierce. They’ve recently become more organized, holding official meetups at nearby restaurants that have gotten the attention of NXT stars. After a visit by Triple H a few weeks ago, both Angel Garza and Arturo Ruas stopped by to say hi to the fans.

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Edge Plays Atom Smasher On CW’s The Flash

Beth Phoenix has posted a quick snapshot of her husband Edge under the mask as DC villain Atom Smasher on the set of The CW’s The Flash. Atom Smasher has both super strength and the ability to grow at will, which makes the tall WWE legend a perfect fit in the role.

Bayley Gets New Shirt For New Gimmick, Cain Velasquez Gets First WWE Merch

A few interesting new shirts have hit WWEShop. The first depicts the standard “Bayley is my Role Model” catchphrase, but just adapts it for Bayley’s new heel persona. The poor dead tube men never stood a chance.

In addition, WWE Crown Jewel headliner Cain Velasquez got a pair of new shirts before his upcoming clash with Brock Lesnar.

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