WWE’s Women Attend ‘Affinity Group’ Gathering, IIconics Trim Jimmy Uso’s Grey Hair

WWE’s Women Attend ‘Affinity Group’ Gathering

The women of WWE were on the road this week, but not to the usual arenas. Instead, 135 of WWE’s hard-working ladies got together for the Women’s Affinity Group. This is a meetup where the women can as described by Stephanie McMahon on Twitter, “talk building your personal brand in today’s workplace”

This is likely the reason why there were no women on this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW. You can see photos from the event in the tweet below:

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IIconics Trim Jimmy Uso’s Grey Hair

In this bonus clip from Total Divas, the most IIconic duo in all of WWE help Jimmy Uso erase the telltale signs of aging. What starts as a single pluck becomes a hunting expedition as Jimmy Uso just tries to think about something else.