Natalya On Not Wanting Children, Becoming Close Friends With Ronda Rousey

With the latest season of Total Divas currently airing, Natalya recently sat down with E News to discuss the show, and her life in WWE. In the interview, Natalya discussed her opinion on whether or not she wants children, and how her friendship with Ronda Rousey grew.

Check out some of the highlights below (courtesy of E News):

On not wanting children:

I’ve never wanted to have kids. I was very close to my parents, I’m very close to my sisters, I even have a very maternal instinct in the locker room with the girls that I work with. But I don’t want my own kids… I don’t think anyone should be a parent unless they really are fully committed to it.

On becoming close friends with Ronda Rousey:

Ronda became a really close friend of mine. I love Ronda for what she was able to give me, which was comfort and support,” Neidhart shares. “She really made me feel less alone because I was grieving and I still am grieving. Losing a parent is a loss you never really get over.

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