WWE NXT Results (10/23/19)


OCTOBER 23, 2019


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Bianca Belair vs. Rhea Ripley

The match started off with a Greco-Roman knuckle lock test of strength. Rhea got the better of it but Bianca kipped up to her feet and that ultimately forced an end to the test of strength.

Bianca takes control later on in the match getting a to count on a suplex attempt. Bianca would then try an abdominal stretch to no avail. A double collision would land both women on the mat as we would get our first picture-in-picture break of the evening.

During the break, Bianca would maintain control.

As we come back from break, Bianca Belair has Rhea Ripley in a compromising position, but would soon take control of the match following a wicked big boot counter to a leapfrog attempt by Bianca.

Rhea would hit a ripcord lariat and a Dropkick. Rhea would go for her submission but Bianca would get to the ropes. Io Shirai would interfere on behalf of Bianca but would be forwarded by Candice LeRae. Ultimately, Ripley would win the match with the Riptide.

WINNER: Rhea Ripley

The commentary team would recap the events from last week that took Velveteen Dream out of action.

The show would cut to Cathy Kelley interviewing Pete Dunne, who would say he doesn’t care about Killian Dain.

Back from break, a Tommaso Ciampa vignette airs, before we see the entrances of Cameron Grimes and Matt Riddle.

Matt Riddle vs. Cameron Grimes

The match started off with a hot open with both men trying to end it quickly.

Riddle takes control with a series of stiff kicks. The crowd would begin to chant Riddle’s name in Goldberg style. This prompted Matt to hit a jackhammer for a two count. Not to be outdone, an unbelievable float over deadlift German Suplex from Grimes got a two count and sent us to commercial.

Back from break, The match continued going back-and-forth with Riddle hitting a superplex for two. Grimes got his standing Moonsault drop for two as well. In the homestretch, Cameron went for the leaping mushroom stomp but got caught with a Powerbomb, Final Flash, and Bro Derek for the win.

WINNER: Matt Riddle

After the match, Grimes would pick a fight with Tyler Bate who was in the crowd and would knock him out.

A Dominik Dijakovic promo aired.

Up next, Breezango and Isaiah Scott vs. Forgotten Sons!

Breezango and Isaiah Scott vs. Forgotten Sons

The start of the match saw Breeze go head on with Jaxson and get quickly overpowered. Fandango would try next and get slammed by Ryker. Cutler would come in to continue the Forgotten Sons lead. Fandango would get the upper hand and the group of babyfaces stand in the ring to send us to commercial.

Back from break, The Forgotten Sons keep Tyler grounded including some near falls. A good time to counter would send Ryker into the ring post allowing Breeze to tag. Late in the match, Scott would hit an amazing springboard off of Ryker onto the other Forgotten Sons. Ultimately, Scott would cover Blake after a vicious blow to the head.

WINNERS: Breezango and Isaiah Scott.

Roderick Strong promo airs.

Lio Rush out for Commentary.

Back from commercial break, Killian Dain promises to break Pete Dunne.

Angel Garza vs Jack Gallagher

Early on, the pair would size each other up. Some quick dinner time to go traded before Garza would dropkick his opponent. Later in the match, Garza blocks a cross arm breaker And the action would spill to the floor. Back in the ring and Garza gets nailed with a big headbutt. At the end of the match, Garza would win with a springboard moonsault.