Rusev Crashes Lana & Bobby Lashey’s Romantic Dinner Date

This week on WWE Monday Night RAW, Rusev was a guest on King’s Court with Jerry Lawler. After a few weeks of building frustration due to Lana’s relationship with Bobby Lashley, Rusev received a chance to speak his mind. Rusev said Lashley has poisoned Lana’s brain. “And for that, he will be crushed,” said Rusev. The Bulgarian Brute said he still wears his wedding band because he believes he and Lana can get through this. Lashley and Lana, sitting in a restaurant, interrupted Rusev. Lana fed Lashley some dessert and said she and Lashley were in a restaurant Rusev never took her to. Lana and Lashley said they love each other.  Rusev said he’s going to deliver his message to Lashley because he knows where they are.

Later in the show, Rusev crashed the date and attacked Lashley. Law enforcement officials took Rusev away.

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