WWE RAW Results (10/21/19)

Andrade w/Zelina vs. Sin Cara

Andrade blasts Sin Cara with a back elbow. Sin Cara dropkicks Andrade. Andrade falls out of the ring. Suicide dive by Sin Cara. Sin Cara hits a splash for a near fall. Andrade slams Sin Cara. Sin Cara surprises Andrade with a head scissors. Andrade rolls out of the ring. Sin Cara lands a moonsault to the outside. After the break, Sin Cara fires up. Sin Cara lands two springboard attacks for a near fall. Sin Cara misses a swanton off the top. Andrade counters Sin Cara’s head scissors attempt into a facebuster. Andrade hits the three amigos. Sin Cara kicks out. Sin Cara tries to set up a superplex.

Andrade tries to fight out of it. Sin Cara manages to hit a sunset bomb off the top. Andrade kicks out. Sin Cara tries to go up top but Andrade cuts him off. Sin Cara falls into the corner. Andrade crushes Sin Cara with a corner double knee strike. Sin Cara kicks out. Andrade hits the ropes but Sin Cara back body drops him out of the ring. Sin Cara dives over the top and hits a rana. After a distraction, Vega hits a handstand ranna off the apron on Sin Cara. Andrade drags Sin Cara back into the ring. Andrade drops Sin Cara with the Hammerlock DDT for the win.

Winner- Andrade

Backstage, Humberto Carrillo says he has nothing but respect for Sin Cara and Andrade. Andrade is a future Universal Champion.. unless Carrillo gets it first.

Backstage, Ford and Dawkins make fun of The OC and Styles soccer mom hair.

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