WWE RAW Results (10/21/19)

Backstage, Charly is with The OC. Anderson says they are one of the most decorated tag teams in history. The Street Profits are rookies. Styles says they are in Clevland and getting that ‘smoke’ here is illegal. Gallows says Cleveland doesn’t rock, it sucks.

Aleister Black vs. Jason Reynolds

Reynolds backs Black into the corner. Black lands a few leg kicks. Black sits down in the middle of the ring. Spinning back elbow by Black. Reynolds trips Reynolds into the corner. Black fires back with a few strikes. Black hits a high knee. Reynolds bounces off the ropes right into the Black Mass. Black gets the three count.

Winner- Aleister Black

Backstage, the AOP says RAW signed them to keep them from signing with SmackDown.

In-Ring Segment: Jerry “The King” Lawler w/Rusev

Lawler says Rusev has been conspicuously quiet the past few weeks. Rusev joins Lawler in the ring. Lawler says normally what happens in a marriage would stay in a marriage. Lana and Bobby Lashley have made this mess very public. Rusev says Lashley has poisoned Lana’s brain. Rusev says he still loves Lana, even though he may be a fool. Rusev still wants his happily ever after. Lashley and Lana appear on the Tron. Lashley says he would have been there but he has to take care of Lana. Lana says Lashley takes care of all of her needs. Lana tells Lashley that she loves him. Lawler asks Rusev if he has a response. Rusev says he is going to deliver it in person. Rusev knows exactly where Lana and Lashley are.

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