Brian Cage Retains IMPACT World Championship Against Sami Callihan At BFG

At IMPACT! Wrestling Bound For Glory, the bitter rivalry between Sami Callihan and IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion Brian Cage reached the next level. Cage defended his title against Callihan in a No Disqualification match in the main event. After a brutal match, Cage pinned Callihan with a Drill Claw onto some thumb tacks.

Cage came to the ring dressed like Marvel Comics’ Weapon X. The match quickly broke down into a brawl. Cage bit Callihan and hit him with some stiff strikes. The champion used a prop Wolverine claw to bust open a cut on Callihan’s forehead. Cage took Callihan down with a dive to the outside but Callihan returned the favor. Callihan blasted Cage with a steel chair. Cage powerbombed Callihan into the ring post. Callihan put the Groin Claw on Cage and hit him with a piledriver through a guardrail. Cage hit an F5 for a near fall. Callihan hit Cage blow the belt and powerbombed him onto a guard rail for a near fall. Callihan dropped Cage with a piledriver onto thumb tacks for a one fall. The champion hit Callihan with Drill Claw onto the tacks for the win.

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