Moose Cheats To Beat Ken Shamrock At BFG

The rivalry between Ken Shamrock and Moose came to a head at IMPACT! Wrestling Bound For Glory. For weeks, Moose has disrespected the UFC Hall of Famer and the World’s Most Dangerous Man wanted to teach him a lesson. Thanks to the interference of Frank Trigg and some underhanded tactics, Moose won the match.

The fight quickly spilled outside. Shamrock took Moose down with a surprising dive to the outside. Shamrock backdropped Moose on the steel ramp. Frank Trigg distracted Shamrock, which let Moose take control. Shamrock suplexed Moose but Moose knocked down the referee during an ankle lock attempt. Moose hit Shamrock below the belt but Shamrock dodged a steel chair shot. Moose almost made it to the ropes after another ankle lock attempt but Trigg broke it up. Moose blasted Shamrock with a boot but he missed a moonsault off the top. Shamrock put Moose in the ankle lock again but Moose sent him head-first into an uncovered turnbuckle. Moose blasted Shamrock with a spear to win the match.

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