Eddie Edwards Wins Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match At BFG, Kylie Rae, More Surprise Competitors Appear

IMPACT! Wrestling Bound for Glory 2019 kicked off with the Call Your Shot gauntlet match. The winner would earn a title shot of their choosing. Eddie Edwards won the match by last eliminating Mahabali Shera. The contest featured several surprising entrants including Joey Ryan, Swoggle and Kylie Rae.

Eddie Edwards was the first competitor. Joey Ryan took control of the match with his infamous offense. The members of the match all linked together in a chain and Ryan eliminated two men. Jessicka Havok entered the match and chokeslammed Ryan. Rosemary was the next entrant and squared off with Havok before they double-clotheslined Ryan. Mad Man Fulton entered next and dished out strikes.

Fulton eliminated Havok, Rosemary, Adam Thornstowe, Ryan and Cody Deaner. Jordynne Grace took the fight to Fulton and suplexed him. Swoggle was the next man out and he bit Johnny Swinger. Grace eliminated Swinger. Swoggle dished out some kicks. Grace quickly eliminated Kiera Hogan. Edwards eliminated Luster the Legend.  Kylie Rae entered next and rocked Raj Singh and Tommy Dreamer with superkicks. Fulton eliminated Dreamer. Sabu dished out punishment with a chair. The final entrant was Mahabali Shera, who eliminated Rae, Grace and Sabu. Shera, Fulton, Fallah Bahh and Edwards were the final four.

Shera tossed out Bahh. Edwards eliminated Fulton, who dragged Edwards out of the ring and slammed him against the apron. Shera carried Edwards back into the ring. Edwards pinned Shera after pinning him with the Boston Knee Party.

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