IMPACT Bound For Glory Results (10/20) – New X Division Champion, Shamrock vs Moose, Cage vs Callihan


“Call Your Shot” Gauntlet Match

The first participant is Eddie Edwards and Luster and Thornstowe of Reno Scum are the second and third entrants. They attack Edwards. Cousin Jake is the fourth entrant to level the playing field. Rohit is the next to come out and no one has yet to be eliminated. Out comes Joey Ryan as the sixth entrant with an emoji-filled entrance video. He gets in the ring and immediately shoves his sucker in his tights. He tries to get the fighters to “touch it” but no dice. Thornstowe tries to headbutt the goods, but feels the pain himself. Ryan soons sets up an “electric current” of crotch graps for an ultimate Penis Plex that sends Rohit and Cousin Jake over the top.

Jessicka Havok enters next and chokeslams Joey Ryan. She goes on the attack. Rosemary comes out next and T Bone suplexes Thornstowe. Joey wants the two ladies to touch, but they give him a double-clothesline instead. Out comes Mad Man Fulton who slugs everyone down. Havok and Rosemary go on the attack but Mad Man double clotheslines them both over. Out goes Thornstowe as well and Ryan also gets gorilla pressed over (but gives Fulton a sucker superkick first). Next comes Cody Deaner who soon gets chokeslammed out by Fulton. Johnny Swinger is next who doesn’t enter the ring until Jordynne Grace comes out. She spinebusters Luster and goes on the attack to Fulton. With the help of Edwards, Fulton gets a German Suplex. Swoggle comes out as a surprise entrant and with the help of Grace, eliminates Swinger (who finally enters). Kiera Hogan comes out next and she and Jordynne face off. Swoggle bites Hogan on the behind and gets a super kick for her trouble. She soon gets eliminated by Grace. Raj Singh comes out next. Luster gets eliminated by Edwards. Singh shoves down Swoggle to booes. Out comes Tommy Dreamer who slugs away at Singh before flourishing it with a bionic elbow, daddy! He sprays water in the face of Fulton, but Fulton soon attacks in the corner. Number 17 is Kylie Rae. She superkicks Raj and Dreamer. Fulton attacks her as Raj gets eliminated and so does Dreamer (by Fulton). Fallah Bahh is 18 and strikes at Fulton. The two behemoths trade blows. and Bahh catches Fulton with a top rope Samoan Drop. Entry 19 is Sabu who attacks everyone with a chair.

Shera is the 20th and final entrant and eliminates Grace, Rae & Sabu. It’s down to Eddie, Fallah, Shera and Fulton as the final four. Shera lifts Ballah up and over. Down to three. Shera and Fulton face off and both throw Eddie around before trading punches. Eddie quickly eliminates Fulton who pulls Eddie out and attacks him. It’s down to him and Shera in a one-on-one match. Shera tosses Edwards back in and Eddie finds it enough to get a win on Shera after a Boston Knee Party.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards after going the distance

Josh Matthews reveals that tonight’s IMPACT World Title Match will be No Disqualification.


IMPACT Knockouts Women’s Championship

Tenille Dashwood vs. Taya Valkyrie (c)

Valkyrie enters with with John E. Bravo who comes out with a stuffed dog on a leash. The dog’s name is “Mr. Mundo.” Bell rings and Taya goes on the attack. Tenille and her go back and forth as Dashwood executes a double underhook suplex. Taya soon returns the favor with a German suplex only good for two. Taya kicks away at Tenille, but she soon gets a middle rope neckbreaker for her trouble. Tenille is about to leap off the top onto the outside but Bravo pulls Taya away. Taya quickly finds a window to trip Dashwood up and slams her face into the mat.

Action goes back in the ring and Taya hits a backstabber on Tenille. Tenille manages to lock in a fujiwa armbar but Taya turns it into a pinfall attempt. Kick out at two. Dashwood gets to her feet and hits a flapjack. Both stand simultaneously and the two trade punches. Tenille locks in a tarantula showing shades of Tajiri. She climbs up top, crossbody for a two count. Taya delivers some fierce running knees to Dashwood in the corner. She lifts Tenille up, but Tenille turns it into a sit-out powerbomb from the turnbuckle with a close two count.

Fight travels to the apron and Taya goes for a package piledriver and she hits it, but doesn’t get all of it. Tenille answers at nine. Pin attempt by Taya, but Tenille kicks out. Taya takes her to the corner as she stands on the middle rope taunting. Tenille pulls her legs and she snaps Taya’s head off the turnbuckle. Tenille hits a Spotlight and gets the near fall but Bravo pulls Taya’s hand under the rope. Bravo’s ejected, but hands Taya a chain. Tenille goes for another Spotlight, misses and Taya strikes her with a chain with a Road To Vahalla for the win and the retain. Taya’s title reign goes to 288 days.

WINNER and STILL Knockouts Champion: Taya Valkyrie


IMPACT World Tag Team Championship

Rhino & RVD vs. The North vs. Willie Mack & Rich Swann

Bell rings as Mack and Alexander start off. “RVD” chants take place. RVD fist bumps Mack and we’re underway. Mack hits one beautiful hurricanrana.Alexander tags in Page and Mack tags in Swann. Swann and Mack both work on Page in the ropes with a very nice double-team. Rhino blind tags from Swann so it’s him and Page. He slams Page’s head in the corner, Alexander distracts him and Page takes advantage. Ethan tags in Alexander and the two neutralize the Man Beast.

Rhino hits one mean spinebuster and rolls towards RVD who gets the tag and nails Alexander with a Rolling Thunder. Split-legged moonsault for two. “You still got it” chants. Monkey flip out of the corner and Swann blind tags in via RVD. North soon hits a quick double-team sit-out bomb for two.

Page hits a 450 backdrop on Swann. Alexander gets tagged in and continues the attack on Rich. More double-team with a swinging sit-out DDT. Fans rally behind Swann as Ethan gets another tag. Swann changes momentum in a major way with a DDT out of nowhere and a reverse rana. In comes Willie Mack. Mack annihilates both Page and Alexander in the corner. He hits a standing moonsault on Page for two. Willie & Rich hit a modified 3D for a near fall, but RVD & Rhino break it all up. RVD soon goes for a Five-Star, but Alexander thwarts it, Mack nails his Six Star Frog Splash for two. Chaos ensues. Rhino clotheslines Alexander out, and Mack flips over the top to take out Alexander, RVD & Rhino. “This is awesome” chants can be heard. Page and Swann slug it out on the top rope and Page gorilla presses Swann in the ring, Alexander knees Swann & Pages comes off the top but only for two. Mack comes in and the two double-team The North for a near fall, but RVD breaks it up. RVD then side kicks Rhino out of nowhere for a heel turn. North hit Swann with their finish for the title retain as Rob tosses his hair tie down and leaves.

WINNER and STILL IMPACT Tag Team Champions: The North


Michael Elgin vs. Naomichi Marufuji

The two roll on the mat with some shoulderblocks mixed in and it’s a game of chess that ends in a stalemate. The two lock up in a test of strength, but Elgin kicks Marufuji. The two trade chops. Marufuji gets the advantage and does a standing neck twist. He goes to splash Elgin in the corner but Elgin catches, suplexes him down and dives onto Marufuji onto the floor. Hits a double dropkick in the ring on Marufuji for two.

Elgin elbows Marufuji down as he’s heavily booed by Chicago. Snap suplex for two. The two challenge one another with strikes and chops that echo the arena. Marufuji flips free and dropkicks Elgin onto the outside before launching himself on top of the Canadian powerhouse. Both men are down as the count begins. Marufuji is the first to roll in and Elgin beats the count at eight. Marufuji drags Elgin to the corner as he talks trash and chops Elgin, splashes him, snapmare, kicks in the back of the head and stomps down for two. Elgin catches Marufuji in with a full nelson, Marufuji rolls through, but Elgin soon takes the leverage and the two trade punches. Another fast-paced chess match that ends with Elgin hitting a desperation German suplex in hopes to recover. Elgin soon hits a falcon arrow for a very near fall. The crowd claps the two to their feet and Elgin lifts Marufuji for a bomb. Marufuji rolls free and Elgin forearms Marufuji down. Both need to recover and the action goes to the apron. Elgin lifts him up in a fireman’s carry, Marufuji rolls free for an off-the-apron powerbomb, Elgin goes to sit-down on him, misses the target, and Marufuji superkicks before hitting a sliced bread onto the outside. Marufuji jumps off the top for a near fall and struggles to get Elgin up. Elgin seizes the right moment to hit a dragon suplex.

Elgin calls for the lariat, but Marufuji fights him off. Elgin clotheslines him down before hitting him with a fierce lariat and splash sit-down Razor’s Edge for the very near fall. Elgin screams in frustration. Goes for a bucklebomb, hits it, but Marufuji hits two knees, and hits a third one for his own near fall. Sliced Bread #2 for another close call.

Marufuji goes for another double underhook, but can’t lift Elgin. Elgin hits one sharp forearm and the two continue to trade chops. Both are feeling the momentum and continue to go hard. Elgin goes for a lariat, Marufuji hits two heel kicks before Elgin catches him with one major powerbomb. Just a wild sequence. Elgin lifts Marufuji up and lariats him down for one near fall. Turnbuckle bomb then an Elgin Bomb for yet another near fall. Just insane. “Fight forever” chants. Elgin hits a spinning forearm and sets Marufuji up top for a burning hammer lift. Nails it. Three count.

WINNER: Michael Elgin

Josh Matthews announces that Joey Ryan has signed a deal with IMPACT Wrestling.


Five-Way Ladder Match For IMPACT X-Division Championship

Jake Crist (c) vs. Austin Ace vs. Tessa Blanchard vs. Daga vs. Acey Romero

Tessa goes right after Crist and hits a cutter. Dives onto Crist on the outside not once, not twice, but attempts for three until Crist hits a cutter of his own. Austin flies over the top too as Acey takes it to Daga. Crowd claps for Acey. Daga corkscrew presses off of Acey onto Crist. Daga goes under the ring as Acey is alone in the ring. Daga and Tessa fight over the ladder who dives through the middle, but gets slapped with the ladder. Daga and Tessa take it to Austin with a brief alliance before squaring off. Acey interferes and almost shoves Daga out of the ring while in mid-air. Acey grabs a ladder and sets it up center ring. Collides with Crist, but Jake kicks Acey down with a flurry. Crist climbs but Austin delivers a back suplex off of it. Daga stops Ace’s ascent, Tessa gets involved and codebreakers Austin in the corner, before hitting on fine springboard dropkick. She centers the ladder and climbs. Acey grabs Tessa and Samoan drops her down. Acey holds the ladder which is hanging outside and Daga flips it up smashing Acey in the face. Daga promps up a ladder between the ring and the apron as he sets up a table. Daga finds himself laying on the table. Austin props a ladder in the corner and goes after Crist. Tessa joins the fold and so does Daga. Acey powerbombs all of them down except Austin. Austin soon feels his own Acey bomb on another ladder. Acey sets up that very same ladder in the middle of the ring. Unsure, Acey grabs a second ladder.

He climbs both ladders and Jake joins him up top. Crist hits him with a super cutter off the top of the ladder. Tessa and Daga raise to the top. One ladder falls and then so does the second one thanks to Ace Austin. He corners the ladder again, but Daga hits a pop-up DVD and Daga delivers one wild Canadian Destroyer onto the ladder propped up between the apron and the barricade. Austin does a rendition of the Shelton Benjamin stairway to the outside off the ladder. Acey climbs just one ladder and Tessa sends him crashing down through the table set up on the outside. Just one crazy spot. Tessa grabs another ladder, Dave Crist runs in, Tessa stops him and looks to go for the win once more. Fulton interferes and brings in a table. Tessa jumps off the top, Fulton catches her and hurricanranas him into the ladder. She begins to climb. Jake meets her up top and Tessa sends him crashing through the table Fulton just set up. Tessa is just about to win but Ace Austin smacks her with his bow staff and pulls down the X-Division Championship.

WINNER and NEW IMPACT X-Division Champion: Ace Austin


Ken Shamrock vs. Moose

Moose enters with Frank Trigg as he is rapped out to the ring by his brother and then comes Shamrock.

Shamrock goes for a quick ankle lock, but really amps up the environment with a suicide dive onto the outside. Moose and Ken stare one another down and Moose rakes the eyes. Soon Shamrock back body drops Moose on the ramp and camel clutches him as the ref counts him off. Moose shoves Ken shoulder first into the ring post. Shamrock recovers and does another dive onto the outside. Ken rolls Moose back in and Trigg grabs Shamrock’s ankle. Moose kicks the rope and Shamrock is down. Trigg exposes the top turnbuckle. Moose picks up and punches away at Ken. Moose goes to smash Shamrock’s head into the exposed buckle, but Ken blocks it. Moose blocks it too and Ken soon hits his signature hurricanrana. Ankle lock by Ken, ref gets knocked down and Moose hits a low blow. Trigg slides in a chair as Shamrock gets to his feet. Ken rolls out of the way and back body drops him into the corner. He locks Moose in the ankle lock as the ref recovers. Moose gets to the rops but Ken drags him back. Moose is struggling and Trigg comes in. Ken slugs him down but Moose bicycle boots him in the face. Both try to recover. Moose goes for a top rope moonsault and Ken locks in another ankle lock. Crowd chants for him to tap as Ken keeps him center. Moose rolls him into the open turnbuckle. Moose spears him down and gets the three count.



IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship

Sami Callihan vs. Brian Cage (c)

No bell sounds as Cage takes off his “Weapon X” garb to attack Sami. Sami spits at Cage and Brian literally bites him. Sami yells “f*ck you, bitch,” in which Cage punches away at Sami before delivering one nasty lariat.Cage has the Wolverine claw he brought to the ring and slices it across Sami’s forehead. Blood is very evident. Sami dives onto the outside, but Cage gets rolled in and does the same. Sami returns the favor with another dive and Cage does it once more in a fun sequence.

Brawl continues onto the outside and Cage’s lip soon gets split open. Cage powerbombs Sami into the ring post and Cage pulls out the ring steps. Sami leaps off them with a double axe handle and throws a chair at Cage. Cage back drops him on the table, but it doesn’t break so he does it again. Cage sets up a guardrail on top of the steps and two chairs to create a bridge. Sami grabs Cage’s groin and piledrives cage through the guardrail.

Sami slams the guardrail on Cage and then a chair down on the champ. He rolls Cage back into the ring. “This is IMPACT” chants are made as Sami knees Cage in the corner. He delivers another knee-to-boot in the corner. He’s for a third one, but Cage catches him and soon suplexes him from the apron off the second rope in an amazing feat of strength.

Cage waits for Sami to get to his feet and splashes him in the corner, back elbows him and Germans him down. Cage goes for an F5. Cage delivers a modified pump handle slam for two.

Callihan gets a near fall of his own before the two struggle to their base. Callihan uses the apron to piledrive Cage down for a two count. Cage hits an F5. Two count. Cage grabs the bent barricade and throws it in the ring.

Cage goes for a superplex and Sami bites him in the ear. Sami goes for a sunset bomb and hits a low blow. Running powerbomb into the barricade for a near fall. Sami goes under the ring and pulls out thumbtacks. He dumps them out.

He piledrives Cage down on them for only a one count. Cage powerbombs hims and hits a Drill Claw on the tacks for the victory.

WINNER and STILL IMPACT World Champion: Brian Cage

Post-match, Melissa Santos joins her husband for the in-ring celebration and Bound For Glory 2019 ends.