Baron Corbin On King Corbin, Becky Lynch, Go Away Heat And More

WWE superstar Baron “King” Corbin on Notsam Wrestling with Sam Roberts. The 2019 WWE King of the Ring Tournament winner discussed a number of topics, including his “King” moniker, Becky Lynch and more.

On fans’ criticism:

Corbin: “They also aren’t the ones paying my bills so, from day one, I go, ‘Eh, I’m not really gonna listen to that guy because if he knew what he was talking about, he might be here. It’s funny, too. A lot of people have these opinions and elaborate thoughts and why things work or don’t work, well, if your opinion was good, you’d probably get paid for it. You’d be a famous writer, you would be some sort of influential voice but they’re not. They’re on Twitter, they’re tweeting and they have 71 followers.

“Their opinions never really mattered to me. I’ve been used to critics….It’s not wrestling fans, it’s internet fans. Especially here and the internet because, for anything, they can’t be held accountable for what they say, it’s very easy to hide behind a keyboard and comment how you hate everything but, you know what,  they’re still at the shows, they’re still coming out. But a majority of the wrestling fans, the WWE fans, that are in the building, are women, kids, families, and people just wanna have fun.”

On hitting Becky Lynch with the End of Days:

Corbin: “I was curious to the reaction. I was curious and it was one of the craziest reactions I’ve ever heard because they heard me, and when you stand behind her, and I’m getting up behind her, and hear them going, ‘Uhhhh,’ and then when I snatch her, they’re going, ‘Noooo,’ and then when I do it, it’s like almost dead quiet for a second. They’re like, ‘Did that just…Hey, dude, did he just hit her with the End of Days?’ And they go, ‘Yeah, yeah,’ and they like pop, ‘Yeahhh, wait no, Booooo!’ It was the most confused, amazed reaction of just pure natural excitement and hatred.”

The full episode is available here:

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