Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns Take Out Nakamura & Corbin

After the beginning of this week’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown saw Baron Corbin and Daniel Bryan interrupt a match, the makeshift tag team of Corbin and Shinsuke Nakamura took on Bryan and Roman Reigns to close out the show. Fresh from just fighting each other earlier in the show, all four superstars continued to go at each other fiercely, with Reigns and Corbin coming to blows almost immediately once they were both in the ring.

However, it was the duo of Bryan and Reigns who would eventually come out on top. While Reigns and Corbin were incapacitated from fighting outside of the ring, Bryan and Nakamura battled it out in the ring, and Bryan was able to finish things off. After delivering a series of kicks to Nakamura, Bryan was able to avoid a kick from Nakamura and deliver a flying knee to his head, ending the match. Following the finish, Bryan and Reigns shook hands in the ring and got the crowd riled up, as their surprise partnership continues to blossom.

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