Mark Henry Talks Hulk Hogan Possibly Wrestling At Crown Jewel

With WWE Crown Jewel just a couple of weeks away, the wrestling world is wondering just what surprises might be in store for the pay-per-view. As Hulk Hogan will already be at Crown Jewel, Mark Henry and David LaGreca spoke on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio about the possibilities of Hogan inserting himself into his teams match now that Seth Rollins was pulled.

“It wouldn’t shock me,” Henry said about Hogan possibly making himself captain. “Because of wrestling, and anything can happen in pro wrestling. I would just…… it would be safer and it would be best to not get back in there.”

While Henry did say that it might be best for Hogan to not wrestle, he did acknowledge that he is wanted by fans. “He’s wanted in pro wrestling,” he said. “Just the iconic presence and just for people to say ‘wow, I saw Hulk Hogan.’ People still go to see Niagra Falls, they go to see The Grand Canyon, they go see Mt. Rushmore. That stuff is never going to get old, but as it relates to pro wrestling, you got to get in the ring and you have to entertain the fans and them not look at you like, ‘wow you lost a step.” It’s hard, man, it’s hard for your ego.”

Henry said that for himself, it would be troubling for fans to see him and think that he couldn’t wrestle anymore, and that while Hogan might not have to do anything crazy in the match, Henry says that fans will expect him to do so. “I don’t want to see the limited version, I wanna to see the full version or nada.”

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