Bully Ray: It’s Time For Cody Rhodes To Be His Own Person

In an excerpt from Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray and David LaGreca talk about the Cody-centered vignette that aired as part of Wednesday Night Dynamite this week. Bully Ray stated that he was completely convinced by the comments from Cody’s mother about the upcoming title match.

After the promo, I felt myself going “Wow, I want to see Cody beat Chris.” Here’s the big difference. At All In, I wanted to see Cody win for Dusty. At Full Gear, I want to see Cody win for Cody. This is why I believe Cody no longer uses the Rhodes name even though he’s allowed to.

Bully continues that Cody wants to be his own person in AEW, and using the Rhodes name will always make fans recall his famous father instead of his own accomplishments. “Cody wants to be known just as Cody like Dusty is just known as Dusty.”

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