CM Punk Says ‘A Very Big Bag’ Would Be Needed For WWE Return

Former WWE Superstar CM Punk participated in a Reddit AMA this afternoon. Punk commented on a potential WWE return, How he’d react to seeing John Cena, the return of a fun web series, and more.

Below are some highlights:

CM Punk Doesn’t Say No To A WWE Return:

Oh, of course, I’m going to get asked that, no need to apologize! It’d have to be a very big bag.

Punk On How He Would React To Seeing John Cena On The Street:

Probably wouldn’t even see him, to be honest.

Punk On His Favorite Wrestling Keepsake:

Steve Keirn gave me the gator paw he wore around his neck as Skinner!

CM Punk On If He Still Has His Ring Gear:


CM Punk Says Grammar Slam Will Return:

Hey I have a secret… don’t tell anyone. Grammar Slam is COMING BACK!! NEXT WEEK!

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