Despite No Playoff Baseball, Both NXT & AEW Dynamite Viewership Down; AEW Makes Top 5 On The Night

Both NXT and All Elite Wrestling had a built-in excuse for their drop in ratings last week, but they didn’t have one for last night.

AEW pulled in 1.014 million viewers on TNT per Showbuzz Daily, which is down from the 1.140 million they got last week (combining TNT and TruTV viewers). That’s a drop of over 100,000 viewers. Meanwhile, NXT pulled in 712,000 viewers during its two-hour run. That is down from the 790,000 last week. Once again AEW is still on top, but it looks like neither show will top a million viewers again if things keep trending down each week.

As far as rating demographics go, AEW placed fifth place for the night for viewers 18-49 and NXT came in at No. 30.


Sept. 18 – 1.179 million – 2019 High

Oct. 16 – 712,000 – 2019 Low

Oct. 16 – 712,000 – This Week


Oct. 2 – 1.4 million – 2019 High

Oct. 16 – 1.014 million – 2019 Low

Oct. 16 – 1.014 million – This Week

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